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We provide varied learning solutions with packages and courses designed to suit the new gen educational needs. HomeSkul app offers classes for students of grades 8 to 12 of CBSE and State Syllabus. We also have course offerings for Entrance and crash courses. Our special course “GK With Grand Master” is offered in tandem with our knowledge ambassador Dr. G. S. Pradeep.
HomeSkul learning App for CBSE students offers curated learning experiences for the nextgeneration learners. HomeSkul courses are all designed by the top CBSE subject experts to makeconcepts & theories easier to comprehend with in depth content and real life applications. Our courses are designed to reduce learning pressure and achieve academic success with the latestlearning tech.
Triumph Twelfth with HomeSkul
HomeSkul learning App for State students offers curated learning for the next generation learners.HomeSkul courses are all designed by the top subject experts to make concepts & theories easierto comprehend and apply in real life situations. Our courses are designed to reduce learningpressure and achieve academic success with the latest learning tech.These courses are madeavailable in Malayalam for the best understanding of concepts.
Nourish NEET results with HomeSkul
HomeSkul aims to help all our learners an easy access to your dream careers. Our Entrance training programs are designed to equip our learners to perform alongside the top students in thecountry easier than before. Our Learning app offers a plethora of options for students to train betterat different stages of their preparation for All India and State Entrance Exams across the country.
Redefine Repeating sessions with HomeSkul
GK with GM
HomeSkul learning app in an aim to mould the geniuses of tomorrow presents for the firsttime in history, classes by the knowledge prodigy, Dr. G.S. Pradeep. GK with Grand Master is ouruniquely crafted knowledge enhancement program specifically focusing on students who aspire tobe the solution makers of tomorrow.Renowned for his magical performances with his IQ skills and motivational storytellingskills. Our classes focus on educating our learners with the latest and greatest well before all themajor print and online publishing domains. We aim for our learners to excel in Current Affairs,Reasoning, Mental Ability and much more through GK with Grand Master.
Redefine Repeating sessions with HomeSkul

Smart Interactive Classes

HomeSkul app with our two-way interactive classes provide a seamless learning experience. These virtual classrooms with high student engagement and peer interactions using Popup MCQs overcome all the barriers and limitations of online learning. Fostering a positive rapport with the students, our teachers provide individual attention to each of them.

3 Dimensional Student Support

The 3 Dimensional approach is our unique student empowerment strategy where our learners are provided with a subject expert teacher, a personal mentor and a 24/7 subject support system. This personalized approach is catered for our learners to accomplish all their educational goals and empowering them in achieving great heights.

Life Like Examples

Our R & D Team have designed the learning curriculum with real life application of concepts and theories to create an experiential learning experience from the environment around them. Learning is a now a joyous experience with our LLE videos.

AR Learning Experience

A picture is worth a thousand words. Through visualization of concepts using 3D animation and infographics, our Augmented Reality videos change the way the learners interact with their learning concepts. We have used proven AR Learning techniques to increase concept clarity and retention.

Maestro Tricks

Our experts have curated exam focused tips and tricks. These special access classes serve as the score boosters which enhance your speed and efficiency to solve and score.

360° Learning Programmes

HomeSkul courses are designed with a 360° learning approach for our students throughout every cycle of their learning stages. We focus on providing the most effective materials, learning contexts, assessments and the best corrective measures in each module.
Peer Reviewed & Curated Contents
Our dedicated R & D team of Subject Matter Experts have curated our contents for effective concept building and retention.
Experienced Faculties
Our Exclusive Faculty of subject experts teach our learners through our seamless & interactive Live & recorded classes with the focus on Real Life Application and understanding.
Effective Assessment Tools
Assessment tools such as Chapter Tests, Revision Tests and Remedial Tests focus on improving the student outcomes and assist them in identifying and overcoming any issues in their learning paths.
One-on-One Mentorship
HomeSkul focuses on the individual development of our students. A personal mentor is assigned for each student to track their learning journey and assist them throughout their learning paths.
Hourglass Learning Model
This enables our learners to comprehend complex concepts. Specialized solutions are designed such as Remedial Classes, Revision Classes and Extra Classes to help each student receive the best education.

GK with Grand Master

G S Pradeep

Why HomeSkul ?
HomeSkul is a learning app established with the vision to empower the next generation through ‘Real Life Education’. Our pedagogy is designed as the child as the centre point and is curated to bring concept clarity and excellence in their academics and real life. We are the learning partners for students who strive hard to secure a good career in the future.

Curated By Experts, Designed with Learning Tech

All Courses offered by HomeSkul have been curated by the top Subject Experts and have been designed with AI based smart interaction learning the latest AR and 3D animation to help in-depth learning and practical applications of the concepts.

Live Doubt Clearance Sessions

Our courses are equipped with doubt clearance sessions and live chat facilities for our students. These sessions work alongside with our live classes to give a hassle-free learning experience with the guidance of our experts.

Specialised Classes

Our students are equipped with Revision classes, Extra Classes, Remedial Classes and Makeup Classes to ensure that they are on track to meet their learning goals.

Encapsulated Learning

Hours and hours of learning is no fun. Our courses are based on delivering the learning concepts in the best and most effective way to reduce the time spent on memorizing the topics. Concepts made easier than ever, last minute learning is no more a big task.

AI Powered Technology Platform

Jagguz, your learning buddy is an AI powered character developed to perform various tasks and as the interactions increase, it learns and adapts to provide an unmatched personalized digital experience.

Regional Learning

As part of our efforts to give the best understanding of the classes, we have implemented learning in both English & Malayalam.

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HomeSkul Academic & Talent (HAT) Examination provides a golden opportunity for you to win amazing prizes worth ₹ 1 Lakh. Get yourself enrolled for a free online aptitude test with us.


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