Viral Disease

Viral Disease

Viruses are minute organisms with their diameter in nanometers. Viruses exist almost everywhere, omniscient to be precise, such like in the air, soil and animal body. Viruses are unicellular organisms with genetic material, DNA or RNA, that are surrounded by a coat made of protein. A viral infection is the proliferation of a harmful virus within the body. Human body also harbors a lot of viruses, but most of them do not causes diseases or harm. Human immune system, innate immunity or by acquired, can generate antibodies against viruses, the antibodies will recognize it and destroys.

Viral diseases are extremely widespread infections caused by viruses. There are numerous types of viruses that can cause wide variety of viral disease. Viral diseases are contagious, and it can spread from person to person. When a virus enters the body, it begins to multiply within the host and will transmit through bodily fluids or any means of transmission in vicinity.

The most common ways that viruses spread from person to person include:
•	Breathing in air-borne droplets contaminated with virus.
•	Eating food or drinking water contaminated with virus.
•	Having sexual contact with a person who is infected with a sexually transmitted virus.
•	In direct transmission from person to person by a direct host, such as a mosquito, tick or field mouse- referred to as vectors.
•	Touching surfaces or body fluids contaminated with a virus.

What causes viral diseases?
Viral infections occur when virus enters the body of host and invades into body’s cell in order to reproduce. If the body’s immune system is unfit to fight off the viruses, it multiplies and spread to other cells recurring the process and resulting in a widespread infection.

Symptoms of viral diseases?
•	Sneezing 
•	Flue like symptoms (fatigue, fever, sore throat, headache, cough, aches & pains)
•	Swollen lymph nodes
•	Sudden weight loss

Some viral diseases are:
•	COVID 19
•	Common cold 
•	Influenza 
•	Chicken pox
•	Measles
•	Dengue fever
•	Hepatitis A
•	Polio 
•	Rabies 

The first disease mentioned, the global pandemic which is shooking the world since the end of 2019, is a viral disease which spread as if it is a forest fire. Novel Corona Virus, the invisible mini monster resulted in Corona Virus Disease, abbreviated as CoVID along with 19, its year of infection. Its massive spread resulted in death of millions, whose spread can be contained by taking enough precautions as to wash hands with soap and water to break the membrane and destroy it or to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. In India, covishield and covaccine are taken in two doses as vaccine against CoVID-19. Mutant variations of corona virus are also entering as for the third wave, delta variant, omicron variant and now the latest florona.
Hope the situation comes under control and a day which mask is not mandatory.